Charge+Zone is a mobile-based App-driven platform that integrates Charging Management Solution with Charge Point Operater (CPO) that helps the EV owners in embracing smart e-mobility.

Charge+Zone that keeps your journey on...

Fast, Simple and Easy way to find real-time charging station / charge spot status, reservations, location information and navigation & en-route to the destination of EV driver.

  1. Find Nearby most convenient Charge Spot

    Get the Real Time Availability of Charge Spot to charge your EV.

  2. Reserve Time Slot/Charge Now

    Book your time slot in advance to block slot of Charge Spot and save your time, i.e., No waiting. OR Facility to Charge Now without booking for Walk-in EV Drivers.

  3. Charging Options

    Choose to charge your EV by Units or by Amount.

  4. Payment Options

    Make your payment easier and faster with wallet/credit/debit/Net Banking.

  5. Start Charging

    Get OTP to authorize and tap to start charging your EV.

  6. Get Notified

    Receive notifications when charging cycle starts and when it is finished / completed.

  7. Save EV information

    Save your EV detail to get an accurate charging session time.

  8. View Booking Log

    Track your scheduled and past booking history.

  9. View Charging History

    Track your EV usage with Cost, Energy and Distance details.

  10. Save Favorite Spot

    Quickly find Charge Spot which you use frequently.

  11. See the Charge Spot/Station Details

    Easily know surrounding amenities and conveniences available in vicinity of Charge Spot, the pricing and other charging information.

  12. Offers and Referrals

    Stay updated with the latest offers and earn from referrals.

Keep charging with Charge+Zone!