India's fastest growing EV charging network

ChargeZone® is pioneering the e-mobility revolution by building high speed public charging infrastructure.

India's fastest growing EV charging network

Powering the future one charger at a time

Leading India's vision for a fully connected EV network, Charge Zone® offers a wide range of data and software solutions to spearhead the use of electric vehicles.

1 Million Charging Points By 2030

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Charge Zone Charging Stations

What makes ChargeZone a cut above the rest?

Our constant innovations and top tech integrations gives a full stack integrated service to our consumers

Charging Station for Electric Vehicle

Energy Solutions

Real-time monitoring of EV charging stations.

Finding EV Charging Stations

Smart App

To manage your EV charging stations.

Cloud Based Software Real-time monitoring of EV charging stations.

Cloud Based Software

Real-time monitoring of EV charging stations.

ChargeZone® super app one app is all you need!

Brands Worked With

Our offerings

Rapid, user-friendly, sustainable. Powering the future of eco-friendly transportation seamlessly.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Companies in India
Charge Cloud Logo Charge Cloud

The Operating System For EV Charging Networks

Charge Zone Express Logo ChargeZone® Express

Earn From Your Own High Speed Charging Station

Meet our Chargers

DC Fast Charger

DC fast charger

Real-time monitoring of EV charging stations.

Portable Chargers

Portable chargers

To manage your EV charging stations.

Home Charging Station

Home charging station

Real-time monitoring of EV charging stations.

Solar-powered EV Charger

Solar-powered EV charger

Real-time monitoring of EV charging stations.

The services we provide

Seamless EV charging solutions: Installation, maintenance, smart management. Empowering eco-conscious drivers with reliable, sustainable services.

Energy as a service

parking, energy supply, route info, simplifying electric vehicle charging for individuals and businesses.

Battery as a service

Transforming transportation with eco-friendly EVs, noise reduction, city navigation apps, ensuring safety, convenience, and diverse travel options.

Be in charge, be the change

Electric vehicle fast charging system for large and widespread fleets.
Our fleet solutions are ideal for electric buses and fast charging needs for electric passenger cars.

Electric Vehicle Fast Charging System for Large and Widespread Fleets - Ideal Fleet Solutions for Electric Buses and Passenger Cars.

Love from our EV users

Hassle-Free Experience!

" have used ChargeZone Station for the last 9 months and there was no issue with the charger. also, no need to call the customer support team, and the application was easy to use. overall experience was hassle-free."

Devendra Prajapati

Chargezone App User

Excellent Facilities!

"ChargeZone Provided splendid experience with excellent charging facilities and great services."

Chargezone App User

Fantastic network!

"Fantastic network, effortless charging, and outstanding experience. I've used the Vashi, Bharuch, and Marriott Courtyard charging. Additionally, I've found that charging at a ChargeZone station gives me better mileage than using an other charger."

Chargezone App User

Positive Experience!

"ChargeZone has been a really positive experience for me. during the previous 1.5–2 years. I'm traveling throughout most of Gujarat and Saurashtra in an electric vehicle. I use ChargeZone to charge my EV. They have a very well-maintained program, user interface, and status updates. With RFID, payments have became more easier for us (EV owners). Everything is excellent, and we hope Chargezone continues to grow."

Chargezone App User

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