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The Electric Vehicles (EV) like their fossil fuel siblings need to refuel. The fuel for them is electricity.TecSo ChargeZone (P) Ltd. serves charging needs of EV users. Company provides a hassle free and reliable charging services for all types of Electrical Vehicles (EVs). They are part of TecSo Global group is a leader in Renewable Energy Solutions, Product Development and Software Engineering. The key strength of the group is in the area of Technology, Government Regulations, Power Purchase Agreements, CAPEX and OPEX model of Solar Power Plant execution. The group strength is more than 100+ employees with a combined experience of 250+ years.

Why Charge+Zone

User-Friendly Smartphone App For EV Drivers To Find Charge Spot Locations

Open Charging Network

India’s First Fully Automated, Unmanned Open Charging Network

Mobile App

Fast, Simple And Easy Way To Find Real-Time Charging Station



Wide network of charging stations and easy-access.

Fleet Owners

Electric fleet means you are part of a larger electric mobility.


Supports all type of EVs in the market.

Real Estate Owners

Customized & turnkey solution for your premises.


Monitor your charging stations in real time.

Government Utilities

Easy EV charging service at petrol pump & oil stations.

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Electric Vehicles
In India
Globally, automotive industry is passing through a paradigm shift. It is time to embrace electric mobility because of fast depletion in fossil fuels depletion in world, resulting in increased energy cost, environmental concerns and climate change.

Electric Vehicles
When it comes to electric vehicle charging, terms like “Level II” and “DC Fast Charging” are thrown around without explanation. The two most frequently asked questions we get are, “What is Level II charging?” and “What about fast charging?”

Guide & Instructions

  1. 1. Park your EV so that charging point / gun can be plugged to charging socket on the Electric Vehicle.
  2. 2. Follow the steps in Charge+Zone app to start charging session after the payment is done.
  3. 3. Start charging session by tapping Start Charging on your mobile app screen.
  4. 4. Start charging session by tapping Start Charging on your mobile app screen.

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Charging Points in your

Smartphone App

Fast, Simple and Easy way to find real-time charging station / charge spot status, reservations, location information and navigation & en-route to the destination of EV driver.

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